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I have been to other vet offices, but West Hills is my all-time favorite. The staff treats my dog, Mokka, like a princess. The West Hill’s doctors treated her skin condition and she feels better than she has in years. Thank you all, you are just great!

~ Marci N.

Took my little rescue dog here after a friend’s recommendation. I don’t know about the other vets but I dealt with Dr. Ragle and she was pretty awesome. Didn’t have any medical history for my puppy and she went through everything I needed to do for the next year to take care of my dog. Coming back in a month for follow-up and spay. Everything went great today and I’m confident the next visit will be just as smooth.

~ Andrew F.

We have had a great experience at West Hills. The doctors were very thorough and on top of things. The staff members were very pleasant and treated Molly as if she was one of their own. Our little Yorkie had an issue that had been going on for a while and never diagnosed. On her first visit to West Hills it was diagnosed, and we were informed of how to take care of it. She is a much happier baby. My daughter recently took her dogs to them. You could tell the dogs were comfortable there – she usually barks and growls at men. This was not the case there. Our experience with West Hills was wonderful and we would recommend them to anyone.

~ Kimberly D.

We have 3 pets that go to West Hill and have always been very happy with the service. Our cat had to have surgery and they handled it with very professional and caring service. The hours are great and will see you even if you don’t have an appointment. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I couldn’t see even thinking about going to another vet other than West Hills Vet.

~ James D.

West Hills is one of the best Veterinary Center in the area and possibly the state. They have taken care of my precious and beautiful dog, King Scrap for over 10 years. He loves to go there and sometimes I think he loves them more than he loves me. I would not trust him with anyone else. The staff members are very professional and I know they love my dog as much as I do! He has had knee surgery and is doing fine and just as handsome as ever! Keep up the wonderful work!

~ Elaine W.

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