At West Hills Veterinary Centre, we prefer our pets like we prefer our fruitcakes: without nuts! That’s why we’re once again offering our Happy Ball-idays Super Neuter Special: get that “man with the bag” neutered AND get a nail trim and rabies vaccination for just $150 for dogs and $90 for cats!

Neutering is the gift that keeps on giving, as fixing your pet not only prevents unwanted littering, but also has health benefits and reduces undesirable behaviors. You’ll be snipping away the risk of certain cancers in both dogs and cats, as well as your pet’s inclination to roam, spray, fight, and lift his leg where he shouldn’t.

So, let’s get snippin’—[this offer is good through December only!] Call us today at 252-438-7163 or schedule online to take advantage of this Happy Ball-idays Super Neuter special!