We’ve all had that moment when our pet gives us a lick or pants in our face and…ewww…that smell!

Most dogs and cats over three years of age have some symptoms of dental disease and it’s not just about bad breath: left untreated, a lack of dental care and cleanings can eventually result in gum inflammation, tooth loss, difficulty eating and pain.

Dog Breath Days of Summer: Dental Special

That’s why during the months of August and September, West Hills Veterinary Centre is offering a Dog Breath Days of Summer Dental Special: $25 off your pet’s dental procedure! And yes—it may be the “dog breath days of summer”, but this offer applies to our feline friends as well.

Regular dental exams and cleanings are such an important part of your pet’s health and well-being and can even help them live longer. If your pet has a dreamy smile—but nightmare breath, don’t wait! Spots will fill fast, so book your pet’s appointment online or call us as soon as possible.