The world will soon be goin’ green—not only for St. Patrick’s Day but also because spring is coming, and with it, more fleas, ticks and mosquitoes! Problem is, their favorite vacation spot is your pet…and you, if they get close enough.

These pests are more than just annoying: fleas can transmit tapeworm, trigger allergies and cause anemia. Ticks, which can be found in fields, woods, and even in the sand, are well-known carriers of many illnesses including Lyme disease.

When it comes to heartworm, North Carolina continues to be a high-risk state. One bite is all it takes to infect a pet with heartworm, and sadly, many animals don’t show symptoms until the disease is advanced.
We carry a variety of preventives to prevent fleas, ticks and heartworm and we highly recommend the following:

For Dogs
· ProHeart 12: Easy injectable that’s 100% effective for a whole year of heartworm protection. No worries about forgetting a monthly dose!
· Bravecto Chewable: 3 months of flea and tick prevention in an easy chew that most dogs love.

For Cats
· Bravecto: One topical dose gives 3 months of flea & tick protection for your feline. Right now, there is a Bravecto mail-in rebate offer that’ll save ya some green: buy 6 months of protection and get a $15 rebate; buy a year’s supply and get $35 back! Mail-in only.
· Credelio: Tasty chewable given monthly—well accepted by most cats
· Revolution Plus: Monthly topical that protects against fleas, ticks, heartworm, ear mites, roundworms and hookworms.

Have some questions about parasite prevention or want to make a purchase? Just give us a call at 252-438-7163 or you can order right from our online pharmacy!