Dr. Christen Ragle

Dr. Christen Ragle was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and from the age of seven, knew that she wanted to be a veterinarian. This desire led to her working in vet hospitals after high school for almost a decade before attending veterinary school at St. Georges University in Grenada. After rigorous training, she moved to North Carolina to pursue her passion with West Hills Veterinary Centre.

A mom to one cat and three dogs, three of her fur babies are rescues. When her kitty cat, Ed, gets excited, he licks the air! Her dog Sally is a Pothound who came over here from the beaches of Grenada, while Annie is a Blue Hound/Beagle mix who was rescued from a neglect case. Betsy, a pure-bred Newfoundland, rounds out the pack—our clients call her the bear rug and she loves coming to work every day. After a hard day on the job, she likes to relax and swim in the pool every night during the summer.

When Dr. Ragle is not saving the lives of animals or hanging with her pets, she makes fancy decorated cakes as a hobby. She also enjoys traveling and kayaking when the weather is nice.