At West Hills Veterinary Centre, we always treat your pets like they were our own. When you have to go out of town and can’t take your best friend along with you, we want you to be confident that your pet is well-loved and cared for with us. We also know that certain pet owners want to constantly call and check in on their pets—we highly encourage this!

Our boarding features include:

  • Indoor kennels
  • Covered outdoor runs, where pets can frolic when the weather permits
  • Large grassy fenced-in backyard for exercise and play
  • Balls, toys, etc.
  • Individual leash walks are offered

When you bring your pet in for boarding, feel welcome to bring their favorite toys or bed to make them feel comfortable—otherwise we can provide these items. Please note that dogs need to be up-to-date on rabies, Bordetella (two weeks in advance), distemper, hepatitis and parvo, with a current fecal administered by a veterinarian. Cats need to be current on rabies, fecal, distemper and LUEK.

For more information on our hours and rates, please contact us at 252-438-7163. Our facilities are limited, so please call ahead as soon as possible to make a reservation!


At West Hills Veterinary Centre, we are passionate about pet grooming. Other than the cosmetic benefits, grooming is also healthy for your pet too! The health benefits include:

  • Lower possibility of skin conditions or allergies
  • Prevention and elimination of parasites
  • Seasonal hair removal to prevent matting
  • Cleanliness of genital areas

We offer full-service grooming for pets, including bathing, haircuts, nail clipping and ear cleanings. If you’ve got a puppy, we highly recommend introducing it to these procedures early, so they get accustomed to it later in life.

For more information about our grooming services or to make an appointment, contact us online or at 252-438-7163 today.